Keep a pulse on your team with quick checkin forms

It’s really important to gather feedback from your team. But, you don’t want to be a burden and take up too much time that should be spent just actually doing their job.

Something we’ve been doing at CodeHS for a few years that has been really helpful is a biweekly (the every other week kind) form with just 4 questions. It takes only 1–2 minutes to fill out, and it does a good job of catching the gist of how people are doing and whether you should have a longer conversation.

Here are the questions

  1. Overall, how did the last 2 weeks go for you? (1–5 scale)
  2. How are you feeling about your job? (role and responsibilities and recent work/projects) (1–5 scale)
  3. How much fun are you having? (1–5 scale)
  4. One sentence about how things are going

We still do less frequent, longer feedback forms, but this one has been really helpful. It makes sure that if something isn’t going well, there is a really quick way to make sure we can make adjustments before it lingers for too long.

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