Learn from our 500 Error page

Lots of websites make funny 500 or 404 error pages with jokes or unicorns or fail whales.

At CodeHS, we decided that if a 500 error happens, it’s our job to teach you about what that actually means and what is happening now. Especially as a computer science education company, some of what we teach is already about how the internet works and how to build websites.

Even though we don’t ever want one of our students or teachers to experience an error on our site, I thought it made sense to make the most of it and turn it into a learning experience.

Our 500 page has a whole explanation of what just happened, what’s happening now, what it means, and what you should do about it. So, even if something’s broken on CodeHS and you can’t learn about computer science, you can still learn about computer science.

Check out what our page looks like here (cause you hopefully won’t ever see it from just using the site).

The picture rotates between all of the engineers on the team for each time you see this page. Kinda a fun way to meet the team.

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