Working in Tahoe

I spent all of last week working in Tahoe, and it was awesome.

One of the best parts about working on a startup is the freedom it grants you, particularly the ability to work from anywhere and not have to report to anybody.

It doesn’t matter where I am working or when. What matters is just that I get my work done.

Here was a typical schedule for me:

Wake up at 8 something.
Catch up on grading and email for an hour or so.
Do a bit of work for an hour.
Eat some food.
11:30 – Drive to the mountain.
Ski from Noon to 2pm or so.
Do some work at the mountain until 5 or so.
Grab some food / head back to the cabin.
Work from 6:30 or so until 11.
Go to sleep at 11 something.

That’s about 8-9 hours of work each day, a standard amount of work. I just happened to ski for a couple of hours in between and spend 5-6 hours outside.

It was relaxing, productive, and fun. I finished the work I needed to and enjoyed myself.

The mountains are so quiet. At my apartment, I can hear cars driving by, people making noise, and everything that happens outside.

Alone in a cabin in the mountains, I was able to focus on my work and sleep really well. I wasn’t woken up by early morning street cleaning or late night motorcycles zooming by my window.

My only regret was that I hadn’t done this earlier in the year when there was more snow.

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