Audio Books

I’ve decided I will start to listen to audio books. I really don’t know why I haven’t started doing this before because they really make perfect sense for me. I haven’t read books for fun in years, and that’s kind of a problem, so here’s why audio books are the solution.

I’m Bad at Reading

That sounds odd, but I don’t mean that I’m not literate. What I really mean is that I am bad at sitting down, opening up a book, starting to read it, and not falling asleep. I’m so confident that I’ll be unable to read it while staying awake that I don’t even try to read books. Maybe it’s attention span, since I’m able to read articles, but something about books just puts me to sleep.

I Spend a Lot of Time Driving and Traveling

I hate driving. It’s necessary to get places, but it’s really boring for me, and I hate wasting the time. Listening to audiobooks in the car is a great solution to making long drives feel productive. Now, if I spend a lot of time driving, at least I’ll start to cruise through books. I also spend a lot of time on public transportation and in airports and on airplanes, which are also perfect times to just listen to books and not feel like I’ve lost the time.

I can speed them up

Just like lectures, I can speed up audio books and feel even more productive. 2x speed sounds normal to me, so why not feel twice as productive?

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