Donut Dude Switched From a Dollar to Free

It’s now been one day since I changed the price of my iPhone app, Donut Dude to free, and I already had 42 downloads!

That’s 42 downloads in one day with no advertising for a game that’s been on the store for 2 years!

I made the game mainly to learn iPhone programming a couple years ago and figured that I’d put it on the store for $1 just to see what happened.

I probably made about $300 total on the app, but recently I haven’t had almost any downloads. I figured that I had saturated the market of my younger cousins and my little brother’s friends, so I finally just gave up on making one dollar per month and just made it free.

It was totally worth it. Now, there are 42 more people in the world playing my game, which is pretty cool, since I probably know none of them.

And it’s only been one day! Maybe I actually made Angry Birds but never let anyone discover it because of the one dollar pricetag haha.

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